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Where to buy the dog from

Where to buy the dog from? Much easier is to answer different question: Where you should NOT get the dog from!
I am absolutely, positively sure: Do not get the dog from the pet store!
That is the worst place to do it! I know , this statement will upset a lot of my friends and contacts on Linkedin, but I care about the dogs first, human opinion is secondary….
Most pet store puppies come from the puppy mills – the terrible places, where the females are impregnated over and over again, producing litter after litter of weaker and weaker puppies, plagued by genetic diseases, with short life span – full of visits to the vet..
If you really care about dogs, do not buy puppies from the pet store! Only reduced demand will result in closing the mills – puppy making factories!
Always the best option is the shelter or the rescue group. If you are looking for specific breed – google breed specific rescue organizations. The shelters are full of pure bred dogs too!
If you decide to buy a dog, look for reputable breeder (the one that is a breed enthusiast and do not mix dollar signs with dogs!), call AKC for recommendation or google breed specific clubs.
Pure bred dogs have defined mental and physical characteristics you could be looking for. Let’s say you are an outdoor person spending a lot of time on the boat, you could be looking for a Newfoundland, Labrador or Portuguese water dog (like the president’s… you know…). You are looking for the protector, nanny and ball player – you probably want a Boxer, you need a help on the farm – you want to consider Australian Cattle dog, Blue Heeler, Polish Sheep Dog, Ovcharka…etc
There is a breed for every need and every job. Getting the dog from the reputable breeder you could be almost sure that the puppy will have what you are looking for.
But there is the down side to it. Unfortunately, the cross breeding methods practiced in the past (or nowadays, think: breeders with not-so-good-reputation) resulted in a number of genetic disorders in many dog breeds. Which means expensive visits to the vet. Also are sure you know how to housebreak the puppy? Do you have time for that? Please consider all factors when making your choice!
On the other hand shelter or rescued dogs are most of the time housebroken, come with the full set of shots, spay or neutered and will be great full till the last breath, will love you like you never thought possible. And they will not shy from showing you that love every day, happy or sad, healthy or sick, rested or tired, young or old… they will show you the affection only dogs have. Unfortunately, with that option comes uncertainty of dog’s personality. The shelter’s operators will give you some description of dog’s behavior and history though.

Above all, DO NOT get a dog because there is a blockbuster movie featuring a puppy, or little Johnny keeps asking for a puppy, or it’s Christmas time and puppies make great gifts! It is lifetime commitment, with difficult moments. It comes with many responsibilities and choices to be made. It will limit your free time, require change in the vacation or weekend plans, could be expensive, could create enemies, could even force you to move out, etc.
But if you consider all aspects of the dog ownership and you DO MAKE the conscience decision of getting a dog…get one!
Your life will never be the same, you will laugh more, your heart rate and blood pressure will improve, you kids will be less prone to allergies and more responsible, you will get tons of new friends, you will see the world like you haven’t seen before. Kids with no siblings will learn how to share, and will show proper social behavior faster, you will be amazed how their imagination will explode.
You will be fascinated by the special bond, your dog and you will develop and finally you will understand what others had in mind talking about dogs as a family members.
You can learn a lot from your dog, as they have been learning from us and about us for the last tens of thousands of years.
Of course you will want the best treats for your puppy and the customized food as good as yours (even better than yours but I shouldn’t say it loud), so visit me at TopDogDinners or call me, your Dog Mentalist at (844) 4DOG FOOD.
Peter Pfisterer

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