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Awesome site

This is a very nice site, i got a labrador puppy ( a chocolate one ), and i never trusted any commercial food. That's why, im so happy about this "Custom" dog food idea”
- Adam

awesome shipping

I live in Texas, my order was shipped on May 22nd, next day at 2pm, Toto's food was at my front door! The box was insulated, so the food was safe. Anyway I was at work, but I got an email with delivery confirmation, so I called my neighbor to put the food in my fridge. ...and crazy about the food since day one. Thank you guys! TopDogDinners - you are the TOP DOG !”
- Kelly


The best food my CICI ever tried! Guys ! you are awesome! thank you!”
- Mark


My dog's skin was always itchy, flaking, with bald spots. Was! Not any more)) Peter designed the food for Sasha and after only 4 weeks I noticed the difference. She was not scratching, her skin got much better. Week 6 was my Mom's visit and her reaction was: What happened to Sasha?! I said: TopDogDinners happened! She could not believe the food could make such a big difference. Thank you Peter. Sasha loves you!”
- Mona


This food is absolutely fantastic! Unique approach and stunning results! Chester does not need vet any more! Sorry doc )) The food is the best medicine! I owe you guys ! Eternally !”
- Lucy


To tell the truth, I wasn't sure about the price...but than I realized, the food we used before couldn't be compare pound by pound with the new one, because the nutritional value of these guys' food is much higher. So in reality I am paying less than expected and on the top of it, my dog's itchy skin healed after 3 weeks- more $ saved on medication and vet! And above all, Roxy is a happier dog now!”
- Julia

new concept

Bravo! I love your concept! Unique food for unique dogs! I just ordered free trial, will let you know how it went.”
- Maximilian


Big 5 stars! You gave me my dog back! Thank you! Keep your crusade going! I am your eternal fan.”
- Marianna


My puppy just finished the free trial. There were 10 numbered containers, each represented 1 day of transition. It was easy to switch - I just emptied half of the container nr 1 into the bowl in the morning, add my current food (less the amount of food equal to TopDogDinners food in the bowl. Same thing in the evening with the rest of the food in the container. Next day I repeated the process again with container nr 2, and the same with nr 3 etc. On the 10th day, all food in the bowl was TopDogDinners food. I mean it was there for a fraction of a second - my puppy devoured it. The vet said, she looks amazing and grows so fast)). Guys, don't be intimidated by the transition process - it sounds complicated but it is not. And is worth every second of your time and every penny in your pocket. Vera is the happiest puppy in the park! Peter, thank you! You are the rock star of the dog food world!”
- Carla