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The Good – see our ingredient list and order
beef, chicken, bacon, beef hearts, lungs, liver, tripe, ground chicken wings, apples, soy oil, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, carrots, yams, chicory, eggs, turmeric, garlic, lettuce, oat mills, rosemary, flax seed, salmon oil, sweet potatoes, pumpkin.
The Bad – see their ingredient list and walk away
by-products, rendered meat meals, meat by-products, chicken by-products, fish meals, meat and bone meals, 4 D’s (dead, diseased, dying, disabled animals), corn gluten, wheat gluten, animal digests, starch, corn, soybean meal, texturizers, stabilizers.
The Ugly- see their ingredient list and run away
anti caking agents, anti gelling agents, antimicrobial agents, ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, propylene glycol, melamine, propyl gallate, emulsifiers, petroleum derivatives, flavoring agents, grinding agents.
Unique dog food, for a unique dog
We are the only dog food company custom designing natural and organic dog food with your dog in mind. Some of our wholesome ingredients are raw, some cooked, some fresh and some fried. Our customized healthy dog food is formulated by Professor J.Barteczko in compliance with AAFCO dog food regulations and the highest nutrition standards.
Fresh dog food delivered to your door
We deliver our fresh, natural and organic dog food locally or ship it overnight to the lower 48 states. Let us customize and deliver dog food that was never recalled and is sourced in the US, made in New York with not only human grade ingredients but also and most importantly – USDA approved for human consumption. Healthy dog food means a healthy dog, a healthy dog makes a happy dog parent.
Natural dog food is healthy dog food
The combination of raw, fresh, cooked and nutritious ingredients mimic the prey and the content of its stomach that the ancestors of your dog would eat first. Our dog food is made as nature had intended, providing the most nutritious dog food for senior and obese dogs, puppies and active dogs, lactating and pregnant females, all breeds and ages, all coats, colors and shapes.