My healthy, fresh, natural food is much more nutritious than dry or canned food, so smaller portions are necessary and fewer poops is the result


Your dog’s digestive system needs time to detoxify and adjust to new, healthy, fresh food. The transition time usually takes ten days – every day you will mix TopDogDinners food into the current food, at the increasing rate of 10%. This way on the ninth day, the food will consist of 90% of TopDogDinners food and 10% of current food. You can speed up or slow down the process by closely monitoring the dog’s weight and digestion. Upset stomach can happen when introducing new food into the dog’s diet – this is normal. Some dogs adjust after two to three days, some take up to ten days.
The food design is based on 16 information about your dog. The process takes usually 3-4 days. After the food is customized, it is being shipped between Monday and Wednesday each week to avoid spoilage. For local delivery area, it is delivered between Monday and Friday.

Simple and easy

10-step transition from
junk food to natural,
fresh wholesome dog

Fast and amazing
results healthy skin and
coat, flexible joints,
wagging tail.
Cost effective
save money on vet’s care,
healthier diet means less vet visits.
Happy dog
improves YOUR immune
system, blood pressure
and reduces stress.

Once the initial transition period is complete, be sure to check your dogs’ weight on a biweekly basis to make sure they are eating the right amounts. The ideal goal-runway looks- is nicely defined waist, no visible vertebrae, but you should easily feel ribs, while petting your furry kid. To help your dog learn healthy feeding patterns and simplify house training, the food should not stay in the bowl for more than a half hour at a time. Serve my healthy, natural and fresh food at room temperature, at the same time of every day, to create the feeling of expectation and excitement. The remaining, uneaten food should be discarded. Cut down on treats, possibly except for training purposes. My healthy, customized, natural food is much more nutritious than dry, canned or raw dog food, so a smaller amount is required and fewer poops is the result.

When you have no time to cook the food for your dog, you have no patience or you are not sure how to proceed, we are here to help you. Please provide us with the brand and type of food you are using, or send us your current food, and we will prepare the “10 step transition package” customized for your furry friend (additional fee may apply, call for details at (844) 4 DOG FOOD).