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Dog food recall

I’m running out of words…only curses left! Another dog food recall!

I want to know the explanation companies like that have for the presence of the POISON in their so called “dog food”!

Maybe they need help?…I’ll be glad to help them find the source…it’s easy!

It’s called GREED!…in the form of using carcasses of the euthanized animals as their “dog food” ingredients…

Yes, THIS makes me MAD…but dog owners risking their dogs lives by feeding them crap like that…leave me gasping for air…after yelling WHY?! WHY!? WHY!?

Second company in a week recalling so called “dog food” POISONED WITH PENTOBARBITAL!?!? Really? What is the government doing?…NOTHING!

Most of the general public (even most dog owners) do not know that the government puts a lot of attention into details like the wording on the dog food labels, the order the information is presented…even the size of the font is “important”!

Total stupidity!!! …

Why?…Because dogs do not eat labels, they eat the CRAP that the same “caring” government lets greedy dog food makers call “dog food”! And that crap is perfectly legal, thanks to millions spent by big companies on their lobbyists in Washington.

You are the judge.

You decide if you want to put your dog’s life in danger and use so called “dog food” instead of real food for real dogs. There is difference between “dog food” and food for dogs!

Big one too! As big as the difference between life and death!

My ignorance killed my dog. It took me 7 years to start a Crusade to educate dog owners and make the real food for real dogs!

I don’t want you to go through the pain that took the big chunk of my soul one February night in 2007.

That pain put me on the road I call my Crusade but it’s also my atonement for my ignorance.

I hope you will make better choices than I made in 2007…


See the newest bad news below (courtesy of Mike Sagan)



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