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I’m upset. No, I’m mad! And I don’t believe in the political “your vote counts” crap, but I do believe that if we put enough pressure on the legislators we can make a difference, huge difference, as big as difference between life and death for many dogs. We can make the use of “rendered meat” illegal! Half of US households have a dog…hey, politicians! it’s a lot of votes for grabs!

The following is my response to the message I received from the reader of my article about pentobarbital poisoning. Below my response, you can find the message from Richard.

Hi Richard,

No, I do not advocate label reading…just the opposite, I’m saying that labels are useless because the government pays attention to little, meaningless details, and at the same time allows major, what you call “mistakes” to happen.

Also I don’t know (do you?) if the owners of the dog that tragically died, did or did not make “the courtesy call” to the manufacturer…

I know what I did in 2007 when my dog was killed by dog food manufacturer…no courtesy calls either! I think I can say that I was excused from doing that.

Instead I made tens of very angry calls to the distributor, retailer, manufacturer and supplier (and yes, many involved cursing and yelling) and quite a few to the lawyers.

No results achieved. Just vented my anger, frustration and learned a lot in the process.

Again, the government failed me, all the stupid regulations failed me, all the labels failed me and the law that is suppose to protect consumers failed me too!

Ah, forgot to mention: NOBODY was to be blamed for the death of my dog, and estimated 18 thousand dogs that died afterwards.

It’s JUST A DOG after all… (and only such ugly creature as homo “sapiens” can say that though…).

I do not expect any legal consequences for Evanger’s or its vendor or whomever they point their finger at…

Remember? IT’S JUST A DOG!

Yeah, maybe for many…but for me BRUNO was a great, beautiful soul that was killed and the killers were not punished despite the fact that they were known.

R.I.P. Bruno.

Peter Pfisterer aka The Dog Mentalist, aka Crusader, aka That Crazy Dog Guy

PS- by the way…we are talking POISON in the food,!

Not salmonella, listeria, or metal shavings (from the machine malfunctioning)! We are talking POISON that you and I know is landing in many dogs’ bowls every day! Is there  more serious threat out there?


Yes. I agree, there were just two (or a few) POISONED cans, but maybe you want to research how PENTOBARBITAL is introduced into the food chain and how it is showing up in the final product…because even 2 cans of poisoned food is 2 too many!

In a few words: pentobarbital comes from the rendering companies using euthanized animals’ carcasses as a source of “protein products” to supply manufacturers of so called “dog food”. Pentobarbital, due to the nature of so called “dog food” is often hiding in the chunks of the source ingredient, so it is very unevenly distributed in the batch of so called “dog food” being tested, so random testing pretty often will not show any traces of the poison.

Instead of testing the “dog food” for pentobarbital, lets simply forbid the usage of rendered products!

Only the clear regulation forbidding the use of rendered products, and harsh and costly punishment for not following the law, will be effective and will protect the consumers!

For now…I suggest my competitors do what TopDogDinners does: use ONLY INGREDIENTS FDA APPROVED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION…no pentobarbital there!


So Peter,

I’m wondering if you took time to ponder that the two brands recalled were both made by Evanger’s and that only 2 cans have been found out of hundreds of thousands of cans and both were in the same house? 2 cans…one house and one family who didn’t even have the courtesy or concern to call the manufacturer when it happened. Then went right to social media. I’m sad their pet died…but lets try not to over-blow the issue. Haven’t seen any thread about Petsmart canned food containing metal shavings in their cans or Wellness recalling thousands of cans of cat food. Both happened at the same time. I’m not trying to defend Evanger’s…they made their mistakes by not auditing their vendor of many years…but this happens in every segment from raw to kibble to human food all the time. You advocate label reading…Evanger’s Hunk of Beef read: “Beef” How would you like customers to interpret that?


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