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Bad habits? Bad table manners? Bad dog!

Saying what? Bad habits? Bad table manners? Bad dog!
Your dog jumping on your guests? Sleeping on your couch? Begging by the dinner table?
They are, so to say, YOUR bad habits!
You neglected your dog’s education or reinforced bad behavior.
Follow the tips of your Dog Mentalist and you’ll see the change in your furry kid.
Ready to start your reeducation?
Lesson nr 1: Be persistent.
Your dog will try to push the envelope to see how far he can go, but you are smarter than that, aren’t you? Yes, you will be persistent …
Lesson nr 2: Be persistent, establish clear rules and boundaries.
Which means no exceptions! Dogs do not understand the concept of Mondays or Wednesdays. No couch means NO COUCH! It doesn’t mean no jumping on the couch on Tuesdays but it’s OK to get on it during weekends.
Lesson nr 3: Be persistent, establish clear rules and boundaries and praise, praise and praise some more!
Dogs are like kids – they feel better knowing, there is a set of boundaries they need to adhere to. And remember – your dog will die for you without any hesitation, so he will definitely lay down on his bed when you tell him to, but you need to say it in the language your dog understands. And he loves to be rewarded for a good job –just like you do- but the reward must be instant! Hmmm…one important difference: you prefer to be rewarded with a fat check, your dog prefers a lavish praise or/and treat and time spent with you.
Lesson nr 4: Read lesson 1, 2 and 3 one more time.

You’ve got a general rule, now some of your dog’s common bad habits:
• Jumping on you or your friends…
Most of the time, people back off trying to push dog’s paws away – wrong! Do just the opposite, walk forward, put the dog in the uncomfortable position, make him to walk backwards on his hind legs…after a few attempts, he will give up.
• Your favorite spot on the couch is taken?…
Most of the time you let your puppy on the couch before because “he is soooo cute”. Never let it happen! Never make an exception! Why? Because it will be very difficult to correct it. Your dog will always try to get on that couch…
• You have a four legged beggar at your table?…
Again, most of the time it’s your fault! Never feed your dog by the table! Create a healthy habit of feeding your puppy at the same time and in the same, quiet spot – it will help you to house break the dog, and will be healthy for the puppy.

Now your bad habits:
• Never yell at the dog – he’s got excellent hearing. To get dog’s attention use stern voice, short words, do not keep repeating (Sit, sit, sit, sit…). If your dog does not react, divert his attention, walk him a few steps, turn around, try again: Sit!
• Never hit a dog – Do I really have to say it?!?! OK, I already said that…Dogs have a high pain threshold, so punishing will not work, the result will be insecure, sometimes dangerous dog, focused on the pain not on the training. Be patient, encourage the dog and praise, praise, praise!
• Use the same, simple commands or hand signals or both.
• Keep your lessons short (30-50 min) and always stop when you notice that the dog is not paying attention any more.
• Repeat the exercises every couple of weeks to maintain the dog’s memory.
• Keep the dog busy (especially working breeds!), well hydrated, well fed with the highest quality food from and…exhausted. Remember – tired dog is a happy dog.
• Socialize your puppy, especially if belongs to a large breed.
• Divert dog’s attention when he is up to something bad.
• The best punishing tool is your disappointment and dog’s time out.
• Smart dogs have the mental capacity of 3-4 years old child (to some degree) so do not expect solving complex problems, guide your dog to the solution using positive reinforcement.
• Praise, praise, praise!

..and create a habit for yourself: Read the tips of your Dog Mentalist

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